Simply load the photo of your victim (iPhone users can take a picture directly from the app) and then get to work giving them a Royal Bruisin' with this awesome range of fully animated weapons Guns,Staplers,Darts,AxesHammers,Tazers!
Now you can grab AND publish your pictures to FACEBOOK!

Ever wanted to TAZE someone, no matter how much they say "Don't TAZE me bro! "

Weapons Include:

* Golf Club
* Sledge Hammer
* Axe
* Monkey Wrench
* 2 X 4 Wood plank
* Lead Pipe
* Darts
* Daggers
* Shuriken (Throwing Stars)
* Machine Gun
* Tazer
* Staple Gun

Each Weapon also features skull cracking, bone twisting sound effects as the perfect soundtrack to your crazed onslaught!